Dry/Sensitive Skin issues?!

Anyone who has dry or sensitive skin will know how difficult it is to find products that don’t make our skin come out in huge red blots, or end up looking like we’ve been out in the sun too long!

We may all go through the same issues and problems. Having a shower causes us to end up red faced for at least a good half an hour (not good if you’re running late!), if we are in the sun for a short time only the result is looking like we’ve flown to close to it, and when we think we’ve found a good moisturiser the red blots appear so we end up never using it again!

So what can we do for us skin sufferers out there?!

Unfortunately sometimes it’s only through trial and error that we get the best products we need. We have to go through the bad results to hopefully find the best products and get to the good results!

It appears that people who have dry/sensitive skin may all have different reactions to different products, so a product that may work for one person may not work for the other, which makes it even harder!

I myself have found that the less amount of strong contents within a product the better, or if it has all natural ingredients.

After googling ‘Best sensitive skin products’ there are so many articles that give their “best” recommendations for products but these may not work for everyone that have skin issues. They may work for the “majority” of people but what about the minority?

How do you go about finding products that work for you? Do you research online and try the recommendations or do you trial and error?

Good luck!




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