The fear of exercise!

Most of us hate that dreaded word………..exercise!

We all know that we have to do it as it keeps us healthy but for some of us the thought of undertaking it or even the word spreads fear and bad thoughts through us. If, like me your confidence or self-esteem may not be great then finding a way to exercise can be difficult. We envy, and at the same time hate, the people who can say “Oh I love exercise and going to gym”, we smile along when they say it but in our minds we want to be gritting our teeth and telling them to sod off on their treadmill!

Exercise classes can be great and fun but again if your confidence isn’t great then it can be hard to just walk into a class and to be shouted at “Come on! Get those legs up!” You just want to be at home with a cuppa and watching Emmerdale. Especially in the winter when it’s cold and raining outside it’s so much easier to stay in, or we come up with lame excuses, “Oh look, my shoes need re-arranging tonight, I’ll have to cancel that run”.

I’ve managed to figure out that the best way for me to exercise is doing something when my brain doesn’t realise I’m actually doing exercise. Such as, a night out dancing, running around with my friends kids, or using the wii at home. These I’ve found are the best as they trick your brain into thinking you’re having more fun than actually exercising., which realistically you are having fun without realising those calories disappearing away!

Which ways do you find best to exercise? Good luck!



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