Change is a terrifying word, some of us deal with change well and some of us don’t like to deal with change at all.

The reason I’m thinking about change is because myself and my partner have recently been thinking about making a massive change……..emigrating. We are thinking about moving to Australia, we absolutely adore the country and have made many trips there before. We have many friends there and it really appeals to us as somewhere we want to live.

This would be a massive change for us and takes a lot of thought. However there is one snag in this thought process, my mum. I say snag it’s not really a snag it’s more of a predicament. She has always said to me that if we were to move away it would put her in an early grave. This is very hard to hear because I’ve always wanted to be able to have the freedom to go where I want and discover places that I want.

I don’t live with my parents anymore and I have a lot of Independence however when she say’s such things like that I feel like she is taking away my freedom of choice. I’ve always wanted to feel like I have the option to do what I feel is best for myself and my husband.

Don’t get me wrong I love my mum more than word can describe but it’s a lot of guilt and pressure she puts on me when she say’s things like that. We don’t have children yet but I would never want to restrict them by telling them they can’t do what they want to do in life and achieve what they want.

We haven’t even brought up the subject yet with my mum because we are too scared to. My dad is very supportive and always told me to do whats best and my brother is the same also.

Has anyone else had a situation similar to this? What would your advice be?

Thanks for reading! 🙂


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