Just the woman behind the desk

So as you know myself and my husband run a mechanic and car servicing business where we live and I am predominantly behind the front desk, dealing with the customers etc, and something that is becoming more and more apparent to me is how I’m treated by people.

When people phone up to book in or talk to us about an issue with their car they can be quite rude to me however I tend to notice that when they speak to one of the lads they’re always more reasonable and politer. I ask myself why is this? It tends to make me feel as though people believe that I, as a woman, don’t belong in the world of mechanics and that I am “Just the woman behind the desk” which I have actually been referred to on more than one occasion.

I feel that when people just write me off for being behind the desk they don’t actually realise what goes on and the tasks that I undertake. They don’t see me doing the accounting, they don’t see me spending hours filing paperwork correctly, they don’t see me organizing the work to make sure we can get all the jobs done. They just see me as “just the woman behind the desk”.

It’s surprising how many times I will talk to a customer about their car and they’ll insist on speaking to one of the mechanics who will say exactly what I have just said, however because I’m just “behind the desk” they won’t listen to me.

There’s a lot to be said about “the woman behind the desk” and it gives me more admiration to anyone who works “behind a desk” because we don’t realise how much they actually do, we just see from the other side of the desk and don’t take into account what goes on behind it.

Don’t get me wrong I do get people who are courteous and friendly and will listen to me and that’s always a nice boost when you get someone who actually asks your name instead of referring to me as “she” or “her”.

You’re probably thinking “wow, she needs to toughen up!” and you’re right I do! I do need to stop letting it get to me and try to write it off, which is easier said than done but I will give it a try!

Does your job involve dealing with people? Have you ever experienced this?

🙂 x


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